A priceless gift?

Some thoughts I have about time:

  • time is priceless
  • time is a gift
  • being lazy = throwing away a priceless gift
  • most people are lazy (and that’s sorta good)

Time is priceless

Lost time cannot be replaced and economically speaking that makes it your most valuable asset. You can make all kinds of other assets (money, health, relationships etc) and you can lose them and make them again. But you can never make time. You use time to make everything else. How you manage your time is a really important skill because everything else depends on it.

Time is a gift

10,000,000,000 years to make the Sun and Earth. 3,800,000,000 years to make life and humans. 200,000 years for humans to make civilization. Thanks time.

Let’s look at just the last 100 years. 4 generations of struggle. Chances are that at least one of your ancestors in the past 100 years fought for their lives (time), and that resulted in you. Thanks ancestors for valuing and fighting for your time…

and my time.

Being lazy

“I’m bored”, “I just wanna have fun”, “I don’t know what to do with my life :(((” – if you say these things I would sound like a grouch to you. And to me you would sound like someone who takes a priceless gift (worth more than a heap of gold, diamonds, whatever) and flings it in the trash. Every single day. You know one fool proof way of knowing if you are wasting your time? It is the way in which you get out of bed. What happens in that first minute after you open your eyes tells a lot about your relationship with time.

Most people are lazy

And that’s a good thing for you if you are not lazy. Because (shhhhh, keep you voice down ;)) lazy people will sell you their time for a bargain! And the crazy thing is they would likely let you do whatever you wanted with the time you bought – their time. Lazy people don’t mind being used. But then again, someone who values their most valuable asset so little wouldn’t have the self-respect to refuse to be used. I know this might sound like a bold claim, but if it unnerves you don’t be lazy and dismiss it. Use your time wisely and think about it.

The value of time

So, who decides the value of your time – is it the buyer of time (an employer), or the owner of time (an employee)? The answer may depend on how both value time. After all time is relative. In any case, if you are unsure about how to use your time (what you should do with your life), please do not just give up and let others decide (sell your time). Stop and use your time to observe, to experience, and to think, so that you can see how valuable your time really is, and decide by yourself.

Remember: value your time = respect yourself = respect others = be respected = be free



Peter Galkaev


Peter Galkaev